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People see sugar glider joeys and seem to immediately jump to the idea that breeding is both exciting and financially fulfilling. “If I sell sugar gliders, I’ll make so much money!” And while some breeders do manage to break even or make a profit, most stay very firmly in the red. Not only is breeding taxing on your wallet, it can also be emotionally and even physically exhausting. Things don’t always go as planned.

For resources for dealing with this issues, click here.

Warning: Graphic images after the break…

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Look at Haku + Yay, graph!

Haku is looking so much better! Where her new fur is coming in is so much more noticeable. See the white stripes, against the off white? That’s all new fur! Around the eyes, on the jaw, down the arm, and a huge stripe down her belly that’s getting better by the day. She’s doing great! Lots of energy, lots of life. We’re starting to consider where she will go – a home for her – once we’re sure we’ve got this thing knocked out. We want a wonderful home for her. After all she’s been through, she deserves it.

Also, yes, I know she needs a nail clipping!



I had someone ask about how much help TSGA needs. Here’s a happy little graph to show you!


We are headed to the vet this week. The appointment will be a minimum of $160 [two pouch swabs for both Yuki and Haku], but if our vet wants to do a pouch swab on Pixie too [$80] or any other testing [?], it could be $240 or more, easy.

From Cat’s illness last summer and one trip when Missy was sick, we owe $555 to Care Credit. Cat’s illness was July-September, so the interest is starting to kick in.

After we take care of that, I hope to get at least $500 in our vet fund… though that’s obviously not the most important thing here.



So, there you go. If you have any questions about it, let me know! If you want to help, here’s how.

Thank you, everyone!

Toulse & Berlioz Update + Chaos at TSGA!

Check out these boys! They’re doing so well. Two white face blonde male joeys, out of Thomas O’Malley and Duchess, are still looking for their forever homes! For breeding or pet only, but I would love to see both go together. They’re doing so well – they move so much! It’s crazy to see them getting older and growing up. Sigh. I hope they go to a great home. If you’re interested, please contact us!

We had our first glider emergency yesterday morning. We’re switching around our house, moving the gliders into a bigger room [which I’ll have pictures for you eventually!]. We didn’t realize the space until the door was large enough for a glider to scoot under [we haven’t glider-proofed yet]. One of our friends was sleeping on the couch, and he woke us up bright and early yelling about a glider – Yuki had gotten out and was being chased by the cats! Luckily we caught her mostly unharmed – she had gotten bitten on the tail. The bite was really shallow and hardly broke the skin, but we went to the vet anyways. We’re still not sure if it was the cats or another cage of gliders – our cat Missy is a hunter, and if she has gotten ahold of Yuki we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t’ve made it – but we took no chances, and the vet put her on an antibiotic just in case. So now poor Yuki has a little bald spot on her tail where the vet had to shave it, and we’re keeping a sharp eye on her.

The lesson? There are two – Firstly, always have a vet ready. And a back-up vet. And an emergency vet for night time antics. You never know when something could happen. Secondly, don’t trust your other pets. Also, always be sure to close the cage door!